A plan for the Rice farmer - updated with field data(Edit)

Earlier I had put in some numbers for the rice farmers.

I have now harvested my organically grown kitchadi samba and I got a yield of 1200 kg of paddy in 1.67 acres which is 750 kg of paddy in an acre. This is only 50% of the realistic yield (as I had lost quite a percentage of rice seedlings in the rain and also my spacing was too wide (30cm x 30 cm)- with a spacing of (20cm x 20cm) I can double this yield (simply because there are double that many seedlings!). Around 60% of rice can be milled from that which works out to 450 kg of rice. I have already sold this (rather pre-booked) at 20 Rs a kg which gives me a gross revenue of 9000 Rs / acre. My total cost of cultivation and harvesting is only 3000 Rs /acre - giving a nett return of 6000 Rs per acre. So even at 50% yield my organic rice gives more return than conventional chemical farming where the high yielding hybrids yield 2160 kg of paddy per acre and the gross revenue is 2160 x 5 = 10800 and the cost of cultivation is 6000 giving a nett of 4800 Rs / acre. So what price the second green revolution! If I double my yield (as I should with better agronomy) I can earn 15000 Rs/acre with just one crop and almost no harm to the environment or my consumers. 60-70% of the crop's life cycle is rainfed.

I have done no magic or miracle here. If I just stick to the fundamentals of organic farming and improve my agronomy and sell rice locally - (organic produce , sold locally at market price ) I can make 15000 Rs / acre in one crop. If I grow vegetables as the next crop I can make 30-40,000 Rs/acre.


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