2006-2007 Samba - experiment results(Edit)

This year I have cultivated a total of 5.8 acres as below

Kitchadi Samba - 2 acres

Jilakara (JK) Ponni - 3.3 acres

White Ponni - 0.5 acres

Since I did not plant kuruvai (as usual!) I could go for an early planting. I sowed Dainchaa (without any tilling) by end June and ploughed it down by mid August. I started my seedbed for JK Ponni on 1st Sep and Kitchili Samba by 12 Sep. For White Ponni we did an experiment in wet direct seeding (for all glory comes from daring to begin!)

The others, we planted 21 day old seedlings at random spacing (kalanda nadavu) with 2 seedlings per hill.

We harvested JK Ponni around Dec 15th 2006 and the results are more than encouraging. On 3.3 acres we obtained a yield of 4900 kg , making it a nice round 1500 kg / acre of organic cultivation. My cost of cultivation was 3500 Rs/acre for planting and 2000 Rs/acre for harvesting (This cost can be reduced to 1250/acre in areas where harvesting machines are used. )

Kitchili Samba yielded 2200 kg in 2 acres and White Ponni yielded a very good 780 kg in half an acre. The cost of harvesting was 1800 Rs/acre which is very high but had to be shelled out because of demand for manual labour.

Overall, K.Samba can be sold at a premium for 25 Rs/kg (+transport)in Chennai and Organic White Ponni for 22 Rs/kg (+packing & forwarding). If all this paddy is stored well and sold after 5 months (when it has matured for milling), I should realize around 13 Rs/kg of Ponni and 15 Rs/kg of Kitchili Samba.

My total cost for this 5.8 acres is almost 40,000 for cultivation, harvest, drying of paddy, transportation etc . My revenue should be about 110,000 making a good 70,000 profit in 6 acres. So we have achieved a nett income of Rs.13-15,000 per acre in one crop - using 100% organic methods and native seeds - which is what we set about trying.

And the real beauty of the whole thing is that, the entire life-cycle of the crop was either rainfed or canal irrigated - using less than 5% ground water. Furthermore, I worked less than 30 days for the whole crop cycle: 15 days during planting and 15 days during harvesting.

With pure organic farming the yields will continue to increase and Nitya Farm should be true to its name.

(07 Jan 2007)

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