2008-2009 Samba Results(Edit)

This year in samba we planted 2 native varieties in 4.25 acres.The usual kitchadi samba in 4 acres and Tooya Malli, another fine grained native variety in 25 cents.

We started the seedbed by end Aug and planted in 20 days as usual. This year we had the most disastrous floods in the past 20 years. It rained and rained and rained the whole of November. All rice in the village were completely submerged and even the workers' quarters were flooded. So I had prepared myself mentally for a zero harvest. But after all the rain receded our crops were standing fine with tillers and grains intact! Pollination was much less ofcourse.

We harvested an average of 900 kg of paddy per acre inspite of extreme weather. The cost of cultivation was 4500 and the cost of harvesting was 2100 per acre. We have sold the paddy to my friend Ramvel, (who is an organic distributor) at Rs.14 /kg.

Gross Revenue = 12600

Costs = 6600

Nett Returns = 6000

vindicating our stand that the real income security for the farmer is organic farming with native seeds.

The average yield this year in our village is only around 750kg/acre

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