BTW R had some questions.

1. How much did you buy the land for ?

I bought 2 acres with a pumpset, motor , free current and a 320 sq ft RC building for 2,10,000 - 1/3 of an acre is around the house and I am growing some bananas and also using this for vermicompost etc. .. another 4 acres I have leased for 1,85,000.. this is temple land though, and doesnt count under my income. I am more a self-appointed trustee for that land!

2. How many hours do you work on the land in a week? Is it the year around ?

I dont do any work myself.. I try to visit every day , whether there is work or not! During planting and harvest I may have to oversee in the hot sun. It is around 3 days planting and 2 days harvest for this 1.67 acres.

3. How many workers do you employ ? Is your income post all the payments ?

Only one old man is there who is a caretaker.. I pay him around 6000 Rs /year. I hire temporary labour for all reqd work. I made 16,000 in 1.67 acres in one crop of rice (Aug to Jan) - post payments and processing, shipping costs. I will be making another 10,000 from green gram next month. After that I am planning on vegetables which should fetch me a 50000 nett in this 1.67 acres.. but if labour is difficult to manage I may go for maize and soyabeans/sunflower which will only fetch me around 15,000 - 20,000 nett. Overall I think I can make nett 1.2 lakhs from 2 acres. If I live in the farm, have cows and make vermicompost I can easily earn 2 lakhs per annum after all expenses.

4. What is the water situation there ?

Water is plenty. We have floods in the monsoon!

5. How hot is the place and is that affecting farming?

It gets to a max of 40C in peak summer.. generally in the 30C for most of the year.. It is hard to grow crops that need a cool climate here - like French beans or peas or beetroot, in the summer. Rice , cane, bamboo, banana can all be grown fine. The weather is like Cochin.

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