Thanks , have forwarded it to the group......hope your thinking process is going well.....I am also thinking ...have been very upset with what happened with the Bhopal protests and whats happening with the Narmada height increase....its making me wonder if continuing in the mainstream is worth it at all?


We cannot change the system as individuals. But as individuals we can surely reject the system. If more and more people reject the system the system will simply collapse and stable, good, local economies will evolve. That is why opting out is the greatest social service.

What you said earlier about Baba Amte and Gandhi is very correct. It may be possible for most of us to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency and system independence on our basic needs - water, food, shelter.. clothing is the least of our problems - especially if we are out of cities. But the grey areas - even for Gandhi, are children's education and healthcare. I can confidently say that my son and daughter will get a very good life in terms of health, happiness and permanance. But I cannot make decisions for my kids with the same confidence. English education is the in-thing; and it is part of our deep-rooted herd instinct that we feel safe in the mainstream. If I do choose to educate my kids myself (with the able assistance of my wife!) , I may even imitate the metriculation or cbse syllabus. But I am not yet ready for this step. Wife is the least of the problems - wife only wants a good option for the kids. Only we dont know what they will feel is good!

At present we are moving towards a high degree of self-reliance in food, preventive health-care (in terms of herbs and medicianl plants consumption) and cosmetics. It may take me about 6 months for that. Housing we have decided to move closer to the farm (walkable distance of 15 min)- but the house construction will still be stucco (wife is too worried about insects in tiled or thatched houses). Our ecological footprint will come down a lot in another 6 months.

There will be near zero transportation except for kids' school and going to some temples once a month. I think this is the visible step as of now. The next step will be revealed to me when I am there!

Energy alternatives like bio-gas is probably the next step. But I dont know now.

More later


All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

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