From: Devi

Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 6:27 PM


Subject: Gm and farmers


How are you ? I wanted to ask you with your experience what farmers in rural India know about GM technology ( what is their understanding? ) and what is their opinion about it?

Hi Devi,

I am very good thanks :) Most farmers have no idea about GM seeds. Even if we explain it to them they dont understand what it is. It is very sad that 70% of our population , that lives in villages and depend on agriculture, have very little social awareness and absolutely no idea about agricultural policy. My grief is deep and painful, when I think of all the dastardly politicians who are selling our sovereignity, independence and economic fundamentals to a few business houses. We are living on the edge of an economic coup - a bloodless coup where our land, water and seeds are sold to North American business interests in the name of world trade. We will all be very rich in India (atleast the qualified knowledge workers) and the poor will be much poorer, but both will no longer have any security for good food or water. In fact in places like Madras, even the richest of rich cannot get access to clean air and drinking water. Our so called government is already doing pilots on privatisation of water in Mumbai , Tirupur etc. The more I look around and see the way our country is managed (damaged) the more happy I am that I have my own small piece of heaven; and food, seed and water security and the more sad I am that my countrymen are being made slaves.. slaves not to new political rulers, but slaves to a global economy and a new found value system that adulates consumerism. We will all be forced to wake up to the stark reality that money cannot produce food; only nature can produce food. At that point it may be too late!

Are there any farmers movements which is protesting GM technology ?

All organic farmers are against it. There is an organisation called SAGE - South Against Genetic Engineering which Revathi is part of that is trying to organise protests.

What is the reason you are against it ( if you are ) ...I am trying to get a small story done in an ejournal about this...

My reasons are documented in detail in my website! I sent that article to Hindu openpage but they didn't bother to publish it.

BTW do u read this website www.gmwatch.org It has all the news on GM .......

Of course!

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