Need for Seed Banks(Edit)

Also what about village seed banks ? Grain banks ...do you think that will help? I read that some villages are doing that in Orissa ..maybe TN villages dont need that ..but with the Monsanto attack to pollute our seeds, a seed bank concept would be useful to retain the original seeds ..have you thought of that?

Do you read Vandana Shiva? and have you heard about the seed banks that Navadanya her organization has started in diff states?

Every organic farmer is a seed bank at some level :) For example, in one year, I have seeds of Kitchidi Samba, Basmati, Kullakkar and I will soon be collecting 3 more native varieties. But I understand the need for it and I am starting my own smal scale seed bank - where not only rice but other important crops like grams, vegetables, banana, maize and soya seeds/suckers need to be preserved. There are people like Mr.Thirugnanasambandam in Tiruvannamalai who have formal seed banks for traditional varieties. CIKS is probably the largest native seed bank in Tamil Nadu. I have read about Vandana Shiva's book "Seed Keepers" and I have been to her website but haven't read much.

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