How are you doing? As usual I have questions. Have you made contacts with other farmers in your village and what do they think of what you are doing? Are any of them into organic farming? Are you involved in anyway in the local community and their issues? Do you have any such plans ?

Hi Devi,

I am good thanks. how are you? :) I am talking to every farmer I meet regarding organic farming and the benefits of him going organic. Initially every one thought I am a fool and made fun of me.. now after 2 harvests, I am beginning to be grudgingly accepted... but I am nowhere near their chemical yields (I get 1200 kg /acre and they get 1800kg /acre) but I am

telling them that I earn more by processing it and selling it directly locally. A few of them are going to cautiously try to farm organically this year (part of their holdings).. but I am confident that in 3 years most of my village will be organic. I am also working with Krishnan of organic-harvest.com for buying their produce.. I have scheduled a meeting in

the coming weeks

Local community is very sound and there is no need for any of us to give them any advice or guidance :) Our village is a labourers' paradise - with some work or the other always available. Rather, they alternate between a glut and drought in work seasonally. 120 days of the year they are very busy and you cant get any labourer to even say hello to you! the rest of the time they have no work - but they are able to thrive with 120 days work. Some of them go to Kerala and Coimbatore for construction labour during this period.

I dont have any plans to do community work - in fact I dont have much plans.. just taking one step at a time. But I could provide employment to several women labourers this month (lean period) in paddy cleaning and earthworm collection

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