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experiments and experiences in rice farming(Edit)

From 2003 to about 2009 I quit my corporate job as a software project manager in Chennai and moved with my family to Sirkali, a small town in the Cauvery delta region Tamil Nadu, bought a farm of 2 acres, tried to become a farmer. I have not been successful in making a living as a farmer but during that time I tried to log my various notes into a blog of sorts.

In a very short span of 10 years I have seen our village collapse from a very self-reliant and vibrant local economy to one that is very dependent on industrial agriculture now.

I tried to form a community Return to Nature and move to a farm, but in spite of an enormous number of people that visited us, no one really took the final step.

I am currently making my living as a Linux sysadmin and webhost, which is earning me good money, but for the past 4 years I have not been doing any farming. However, I have a 3 acre farm and I plan to return to some active farming from Jan 2014.

Although my original aim in choosing farming was to try and grow our food and lead a life close to nature, after seeing many farmers at close quarters, I also have a serious urge to do something against the exploitation of our farmers and villages by corporates and governments.

Here is the old blog for those faithfuls!

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