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Short circuiting the food chain!

A plan for the Tanjore Rice farmer

A plan for the Tanjore Rice farmer - (updated with real life data)

Results of Samba Rice Cultivation(2006-2007)

Results of Samba Rice Cultivation(2007-2008)

Experiments in Vermicomposting

Results of Kuruvai Trial in May - Aug 2008

Results of Samba Cultivation 2008-2009

Where we live and what we live for

General Info

Organic farming vs Inorganic farming

What is the source of your courage?

Some thoughts on opting out

GM and farmers

Village seed banks

Community Work

Some thoughts on non-chemical farming

Freedom for the Indian Farmer

Why we do not need GM seeds?

Role of the City-zen

Risk Management and Farmers' suicides

Relevance of Local Economies

Market Freedom

Robin's Song

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer - H D Thoreau in Walden

experiments and experiences in rice farming(Edit)

From 2003 to about 2009 I quit my corporate job as a software project manager in Chennai and moved with my family to Sirkali, a small town in the Cauvery delta region Tamil Nadu, bought a farm of 2 acres, tried to become a farmer. I have not been successful in making a living as a farmer but during that time I tried to log my various notes into a blog of sorts.

In a very short span of 10 years I have seen our village collapse from a very self-reliant and vibrant local economy to one that is very dependent on industrial agriculture now.

I tried to form a community Return to Nature and move to a farm, but in spite of an enormous number of people that visited us, no one really took the final step.

I am currently making my living as a Linux sysadmin and webhost, which is earning me good money, but for the past 4 years I have not been doing any farming. However, I have a 3 acre farm and I plan to return to some active farming from Jan 2014.

Although my original aim in choosing farming was to try and grow our food and lead a life close to nature, after seeing many farmers at close quarters, I also have a serious urge to do something against the exploitation of our farmers and villages by corporates and governments.

Here is the old blog for those faithfuls!

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