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After furiously trying a lot of things in fits and starts, I am again and again coming to the inescapable conclusion that being silent is in itself a very great action; it is immensely beneficial to Universal Consciousness. Separating my consciousness from the whole, and trying to pollute it with my petty and selfish thoughts is a very grave sin.

Ugly thoughts are sins ( I am quite a reservoir of it!); selfishness and pleasure enjoyment are the root cause of most sins.

If I can elevate my consciousness by conscious effort, if I can be transparent, light and ghost-like - leaving but a negligible footprint on the Earth and Consciousness, I will be doing a very great service to not only humanity but all beings. This then should be my journey - to negate my coarse mind and body, to reduce my pollution and parasitism. True repair of a man is in trying to be less of a man , to be primitive. I need to identify with my honest needs as Asamvedi says.

30 dec 2015

For the last 6 months I have made a conscious effort to reduce my consumption. The most important step was to change my food habits; it has made a wonderful difference.

I lived for 6 months on local organic food - food that has minimal footprint on the earth and food that is minimally cooked or seasoned, which reduces the footprint on the mind. One full meals at 1 pm; breakfast of steam boiled peanuts (50 g) + 200ml milk and dinner of sprouted green grams (100g). For the past month I am eating dinner too but I should go back to green grams.

I have found that my real needs are negligible. I need but 5000 Rs a month for all my expenses - including food, clothing, cosmetics, phone, travel, entertainment, health care. (I am producing none of this by the way - I am no longer a farmer but a parasite on the system).

Buying organic food at a premium costs 2500. Clothes cost me 1500 (annually 18000). Cosmetics 140. Power consumption 375. Travel 500 (weekly a trip to a temple by bus). Phone 200. Metformin tablets for my diabetes 100. For Internet I parasite on my business, but personally I can have it for 150 Rs/month. In all I can maintain my rich lifestyle without working, at 5000 Rs / month - which is what a day laborer can make in 10 days or 15% of a school teacher salary. So Thoreau's statement that we need to work only 30 days of the year is still true, if we will identify ourselves with our honest needs. I have not counted housing, but if I were to live by myself I can surely live in a much simpler house, which I can build with 100,000 instead of the 25,00,000 I have spent now - or worst case with one year's income of a school teacher (around 400,000).

Entertainment is the most difficult need. As Schumacher most wisely and astutely observed , arts, philosophy, music and literature cost very little money. I listen to very good classical music, read Shakespeare and fantastic mystic literature, visit some of the best temples in India (like Chidambaram or Thirunallar or Thiruvarur), walk an hour a day in beautiful surroundings, watch birds, study chess and so on. My life is one of extreme luxury - I wear some of the finest cotton fabrics and eat choice organic food. I don't see myself missing or sacrificing anything.

When Gandhi talks of self-denial he merely says that in comparison with other humans. He was wise enough to deny himself all falsity. I find that Thoreau's classic statement " A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone" is not just clever. It is a deep truth that needs to be lived to be understood. Simplicity does not mean living in rags or starving. It means fearlessness, a certain honest curiosity and total disregard for opinions.

But from a spiritual stand point this kind of life is just the starting point for higher adventures. The means should never become the end. I should not rest on my laurels and become arrogant or complacent.

ஓயாத உள்விழிப்பே உன்னை விடுவிக்கும்

மாயா வினைப்பெருக்கே மற்றெல்லாம் - காயமிது

கொள்நோய் மருந்து கொளப்போமே கற்பிதமாம்

தன்னோய்க்குத் தானே மருந்து

22 June 2016

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