The Economics of Happiness (Edit)

Nearly 10 years ago, when I was immature enough to think that I can save the world, my good friend Alex Jensen of ISEC interviewed me for a few hours (a few hours of non-stop nonsense really!) and then ISEC included some of my rantings in their film. While the intention of the film is good, (and its viewing pretty useful for some one who is in mainstream and confused about what to do), personally I think it could have been a lot better. The film simply makes, somewhat unconvincingly, the statement that localization is a global solution. I fully subscribe to that viewpoint and I do believe that localization is much better than global trade. But as a critic I feel the film could have gone on to show the actual evils of a central economy for better impact.

Anything anti establishment sells ; which is a good thing and a bad thing. And therefore the film is a pretty big success among the converts ; I am not sure how much of new converts it creates.

This hard selling of alternate living is not a theory I subscribe to. It is of course driven by a desire to save the world or to see maximum impact in one's own life time - but at the core of it, this exposes two things : lack of understanding of the overall scheme of things and an anxiety borne of immaturity - however good it may be.

The really lasting difference an individual can make to society or the environment is to be an alternate person - to be self reliant, and not dependent on the central economy. To be off the grid, to reduce one's ecological footprint.

But truth is boring; saving the world is a very glamorous and noble aim - seemingly!

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