Is Modi a strong PM candidate?(Edit)

There is a lot of noise about how BJP and Modi can provide a strong leadership. But what is the reality?

1. Modi is a very scared individual who feels extermely insecure. That is the reason he is sidelining leaders like Advani, Jaswant Singh and Murali Manohar Joshi.

2. Modi is a control freak - this is certainly a sign of fear and not a sign of strength

3. Modi is scared of losing his MP seat and therefore contests from 2 places. What show of strength is this?

4. Modi is immature - he makes very childish and divisive remarks. A strong person is a non-violent person - like Gandhi . Violence is the child of fear.

5. Modi, who was very silent on AAP for a long time, suddenly got scared after seeing AK's rally at Varanasi and started calling him names like AK49 and Pak agent. Is this strong leadership? If Modi is really a strong person will he contest ONLY in Varanasi?

6. Modi knows he has many skeletons in his cup-board. That is why he never meets any media person for a debate. What kind of strong man runs away from media ?

7. Modi talks of Hindutva and Swadeshi. If that is his core value, why is he opening up Gujarat to FDI so much ?

Do you want a prime minister who is afraid of losing his seat, afraid of his other party members, afraid of his opponents and afraid of the media?

If Modi is a strong PM candidate then I am Hercules!

- 31 Mar 2014

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