It is a meaningless task to try to accuse a woman of her faults. She will start by defending herself and before you realize, will bring in a lot of faults about yourself into the debate and you will suddenly be the defendant and she will be the prosecutor - and in no time at all, she will become the judge and pass a judgment (of course it is always one of Guilty) - the prosecutor will become the defendant and then the convict. It is a very convoluted and painful legal proceeding that has no rationale or law but unlimited precedents.

Better to simply say "Ok honey, I am wrong and you are right".

Happiness is always now. We humans tell ourselves, "Let me become safe first and then I will be happy". But hoarding money in order to feel safe only makes us miserable - for with ownership comes the fear of losing what we own. The harder we work to feel safe, the more miserable we become. This is the reason why all civilizations eventually fail. Our modern industrial and technological civilization has increased this scale of misery by exponentially increasing the scale of ownership, and almost infinite opportunities for soft ownership - like stocks and bonds. The fall of this civilization will be very hard; for the higher we go the harder we fall. Real safety for humanity lies in decimating our scale of ownership and trying to form small self-reliant societies. It is far easier to simplify and be happy now.

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