Who should a patriot vote for? (Edit)

As an Indian, the 2014 election is the most confusing I have seen so far.

We have two choices of national parties - Congress and BJP. And we all have our choices of regional parties. But truth be told, none of the choices is good.

Narendra Modi is plain evil because he is bent upon dividing India; he calls India as Hindustan and pits it against Pakistan - a very clever choice of words and one that evokes the raw emotions of people. But it is not civilized to do such things. Modi doesn't seem to care - he generally wins votes by such divisive tactics. And his Gujarat model of development is another fiasco which I will deal with in a separate article. And the BJP is not any less corrupt compared to Congress. They have had less opportunities to loot , that is all. So as a secular and logical thinking Indian, I cannot vote for Modi.

On the other hand, Rahul and the Congress are even more evil because they are hell bent on selling India. In the last 10 years, in the name of development and inclusive growth, the Congress has wiped out numerous natural resources,sold the interests of the poor to corporates and has been nothing but the stooge of corporate interests. And they have not done one good thing to the poor - they have just made the poor poorer , in the name of inclusive growth. Modi looks an angel besides Congress. I cannot definitely vote for Congress.

As for regional parties, they are all corrupt - playing on caste or language or religion or other divisive tactics. None of the states ruled by regional parties is free of corruption or has done much work towards true social welfare.

A true patriot cannot vote for division or selling of his country.

It is sadly a choice between the frying pan and the fire. Are we then doomed?

Thankfully there is AAP! It started out as a movement against corruption and it has rapidly grown into a full fledged national party. The overwhelming response it gets is proof enough that it has to be considered an alternative. What I like most about AAP is that they have taken the cynicism out of politics and have made it possible for good people to come to politics. Even I was quite seriously thinking of contesting in Mayiladuthurai, TN on AAP ticket (yes me, an opter-out of the system!) until my wife and kids vetoed that idea!. This is a very fundamental change. And the AAP is really serious about change - else why should they give up the Delhi government for Lokpal Bill? We all laud Lal Bahadur Sastri for quitting his post as a railway minister when there was an accident. After that no one has resigned on a matter of principle.

Secondly, holding on to a government which relies on Congress for its tenuous survival will invariably lead to either compromise or collapse.

I agree the AAP can improve in very many areas. In their anxiety to save India from corruption, they seem to be in a hurry. A bit more patience and mature, sanguine behaviour can help. Aristotle was of the opinion that politics and youth should not go together - I think he was right. At least the people in active politics should be mature. While I admire Arvind Kejriwal for his tireless activism, I think he can take it a bit slower.

The AAP also has some regional messes to clean up; some of their regional outfits show some evil faces. These need to be nipped in the bud.

But all in all, while the AAP is far from perfect, it is perfectly acceptable as an alternative to both Congress and BJP or any of the regional parties

That is why I am going to vote for AAP and ask all sane thinking people to vote for AAP too.

As Edmund Burke is reported to have said " All that is required for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing".

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